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Client Success Stories

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** The results you see on this page are not typical.  Kevin Williams and his students are professionals across a range of industries and functions.  Their experiences do not guarantee similar results.  Individual results may vary based on your skills, experience, motivation, as well as other unforseen factors.  The Company has yet to perform studies of the results of its typical clients.  Your results may vary.  **

Vivek Asija

Vivek describes his experience getting a VP level role

Olivia Peth

Olivia describes her experience landing a Manager level role

Galina Anokhina

Galina describes her experience landing a Senior Director level role

Ravi Pasupuleti

Ravi describes his experience getting a Director level role

Brandon Best

Brandon describes his experience landing a Sr. Tech Specialist role

Borna Llubicic

Borna describes his experience attaining an internal win

Alan Mc Glinchey

Alan describes his experience landing a Director level role

Erick Marquardt de Auraujo

Erick describes his experience attaining an internal win as a Director

Anita Hoffman

Anita describes her experience enhancing her external position

Ready to control the next chapter of your career?

A Quick Overview Of The Process

The Executive Accelerator

The Accelerator is designed for:

  Managers through Vice Presidents

  Those who lead teams or organizations

  High performers with brands that can be better positioned

  Those seeking better role alignment

Our expertise lies in enabling executives and officer track leaders to enhance their brand, navigate sophisticated corporate terrain, and gain new elevated roles. Our clients are already A-players. We provide a systematic approach to help our clients gain:  focus, clarity, direction, and efficiency with their career positioning.

Tangible wins like promotions, internal & external offers, additional resources gained and favorable decisions from operating committees, flow naturally from the core work.

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First, you need to assess your current state.  This may involve some reflection, taking inventory of feedback, and post-mortem work.  Then, future state can be contrasted properly.  Only then, do we build-with-you the roadmap to hit your mini-goals and OKR.  This portion usually takes at least 30 days.

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The Rule of 3 should apply to ideal scenarios and pathways you could take to get to your "win."  This actioning on the roadmap entails a 3-Part Listening Tour to enable you to build momentum very rapidly by being deliberate with who you are contacting, how and why.  Power mapping is key here.

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Every executive needs about 10 higher level skills and behaviors to continue upward progress.  We tailor a Development Plan that gets you more sophisticated resulting not just in "wins," but lasting behavior change which usually is acknowledged through executive presence.  The work here is centered around you "going to the gym" for muscle development.

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The goal in the final stage is to ensure you have a repeatable ability to cycle through 1 through 3 above, for the rest of your career.  We build with you a system to help you prepare for next chapters, eras, various ways you may evolve, and accounting for how the market, internal cultures, and the economy will of ebb and flow.

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